Friday, August 30, 2013

Approaching our last stay in Atlanta Georgia!

How could a week pass this fast and have the longest half an hours of our lives at the same time?! Well it passed fast because it is already Friday! We've seen so many states passed over so many borders, read so very many signs.... As I write this we have driven 2,580 miles since Monday! We had no hiccups nor accidents and only one scary moment on the road.
The longest half an hours are happening at night, when you are approaching your hotel address and you are beyond tiered and the minutes just do not pass. These  are the most dangerous moments on this road trip because we are not paying close attention and have the tendency to speed. I am so very grateful for all your text messages and phone calls. We feel carried and uplifted by your prayers! God has again (as always) guided our path and protected our steps!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From California to Arizona.

We were able to get to Williams, Arizona at 3 am Tuesday morning. On the way through the California dessert we encountered a beautiful rainbow that traveled with us for almost 30 minutes. Today we visited the breathtaking Grand Canyon, and on our way out we traveled with a beautiful Thunderstorm with hail. THank  you for your continuous prayers. We have felt Gods protection powerfully and are confident he will continue to be with us on this journey!

Monday, August 26, 2013

We are on our way.... Monday 8/26 at 10:45am

Our trailer is heavy, the jeep is weight down! Lord we commit our travels to you! Keep us safe without big events!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

South Carolina and Germany Here We Come!!!

Well we are getting closer to leaving and things are really happening. We are now at 38% ( we at first thought we were at 50%  but we re-calculated and realized it is only 38%) of our target support raising of monthly pledges that we need. We still need those of you who are thinking about supporting us to start supporting us. Our goal is to be at 50% of our monthly pledge goal by the time we leave California in August. We have plenty of people giving one time and yearly gifts, but now we need people to really become partners and give to our monthly support. Things are happening we have maybe several consulting, and church opportunities lining up in South Carolina, and my new boss Benjamin Rudolph has informed me of a international conference happening in Germany that would like to have as their speaker a English Speaking person. How appropriate I speak English, and I preach too! Please pray for this that we would be able to be in Germany by August to be able to speak for this conference, and maybe English camps too that Teach Beyond does over the summers. They plan on having maybe 150 people attending this conference. Our goal is to be in Germany by February. We have a place to stay in South Carolina until January. We are going there to South Carolina to connect with family and friends and to raise more support, and then on to Germany when we are ready. Also we made it onto the front page of the LEAP Network website (Leadership Evangelism Abilities Practice). This ministry that we will be involved in will help and empower the Church to "Follow Jesus into Mission". Please help us get to Germany as soon as possible. God bless you! And thank you for your prayers and support!

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