Monday, July 18, 2016

June Update, Summer Ministry, and other News

Richard Preaching at Black Forest Christian Fellowship
"O mein Gott, rückhaltlos gebe ich mich ganz in deine Hände. Wohlstand oder Not, Freude oder Kummer, Freundschaft oder Verlassenheit, Ruhm oder Erniedrigung, Ansehen oder Missachtung, Trost oder Trauer, deine Gegenwart oder dein Verhülltsein - alles ist gut, wenn es von dir kommt. Du bist die Weisheit und die Liebe."
                                                                    -John Henry Newman, 1801-1890-

"Oh my God, wholeheartedly I give myself into your hands. In prosperity or adversity, joy or sorrow, friendship or loneliness, fame or disgrace. Wether I am regarded or disregarded, in comfort or mourning. Wether you reveal your presence or conceal yourself - everything is good when it comes from you. You are wisdom and love."
                                                                     -John Henry Newman 1801-1890-

Richard Preaching at Georg Müller Schule
RICHARD is preparing for a busy summer of speaking engagements. He has been at a camp in the Stuttgart area with Georg-Müller School. and many preaching engagements in between now and English Camp here in Kandern. He will be preaching in the Chemnitz area then in September for a "mission to the city" where a former English camper is the youth pastor. Richard has been busy writing a theological paper that he hopes can be published. He has found a translator who will translate it into German. Please pray that this could be published in English, and German. You could read it on Richard's Blog or on his Academia Page

FAMILY Thanks for praying about our washer and dryer. We were able to wash clothes while our washer part and new dryer were being delivered. We now have a new dryer, and a repaired motor, and electronics board on our washer. We are winding down our school year and the kids have all kinds of end of the year activities. The kids are so excited about the summer and vacation at the beach!

SUPPORT UPDATE: Last month we asked you all to think about increasing your monthly support
Lydia made some nature art at Church
and there has been some great response so far. We still have to get in touch with several people to ask them personally, but we are hard at work to get our support level back in good standing. Please think with us about...
Increasing your monthly donation by $25-$50. If all of our 55 person support team would increase their giving be $35 monthly then we would meet our monthly need by 100%.
Please think about sharing our ministry with others, who are interested in Europe or Germany. Even those who are looking for missionaries to support. Please share our information, MISSIONARY BLOG, or personal support giving link HERE. It would be great if you could introduce us to new people. Also think about Churches & Business that might be interested in our ministry.
A specific need this Fall is language study for Richard. The cost of this class is in the neighbourhood of $3,000. If anyone is looking to make a one time gift you can do that and earmark it for "language study" for Richard HERE.  God Bless you thank you for following our blog, reading, and praying for our ministry here in Germany.