Thursday, September 26, 2013

Living in Columbia...

Hi everybody, here are some pictures from our first month in Columbia SC. We are starting a routine and are settling in.

Here is Caleb with a really bruised nose after having a run-in with a swing.

Richard's parents graciously loaned us their truck to have on hand as a second vehicle for the times one of us needs to be at work.
It's a stick shift - manual gear...and I (Simone) have done the driving test with a open coffee cup in hand.....not a good idea!!!

And yes, it is very hot. Perfect for playing outside in our baby pool.

Or washing our car...thank you Lydia and Caleb.

Caleb is finding out what you can do with a garden hose! 

We are quite excited about all the "wild-life" we are getting to see... 
Here a humongous grass hopper.

Ana is waiting for her food during a special needs weekend retreat we got to attend.
She is saying: "if you have food you can put it right here..."

And yes, Ana loooooves her new school!

Lydia playing doctor still wearing her school uniform. Ben Lippen Elementary.

And Caleb finding out how to microwave our computer mouse and various other household items.....
...the microwave is staying unplugged until further notice...

Caleb helping daddy repair his vehicle.

The newest discovery is a drive through farmers market....very convenient at 103 degrees.....

And thats it for today.
We are grateful for Gods provision and healthy children. God is so very good and we are rejoicing in his love for us and encouragement....

In his Grip,
the Moores

Friday, September 6, 2013

Half way to Germany....!

 Hi there, 

and discovered that flying time to California is about 5-6 hours (more if you stop to change flights) and flying time to Germany is about 6-8 hours....

Yup, we are half way there.

6432 Winyah Dr., Columbia, SC 29203

We arrived Saturday afternoon and were welcomed by our South Carolina Family and our new landlords.
We were showered with groceries  and welcomed by the wonderful Southern Hospitality. The cousins brought toys and we stepped into our new home with full arms and a full heart, relieved and thankful for God's protection.

Adapting to a new culture:

A trip to Bi-Lo can tell you a lot about the new culture you are living in.

I did not know about all the ways you can eat pork. I don't think I have ever tried fried pork skin....

And I guess, if you want to fry it yourself you can buy it this way...

Another South Carolina delicacy...

And of course we can find familiar items like the good old potatoes (great prices!!!!)

Coffee creamer, Starbucks coffee and newtons.... well as an update on good old Tom Cruise...

Ok, so much for today. We will keep you updated.

I am pretty sure we will include some pictures of all the little animals we are finding here....Lydia loves the squirrels and thousands off butterflies. Some of them as big as our hands...