Monday, June 6, 2016

May Update! Camp Ministry, and Support Needs

Richard Preaching at Word of Life Camp
Ministry Update:
Last Month I, Richard, was able to preach at a Word of Life Musical camp where youth came together to prepare a musical and at the end of the week they traveled around Germany to present their musical based on the life of Esther
It was an amazing week of ministry. I preached on the "I Am" statements of Jesus in the book of John. I received good feedback, and many students lives were touched by the time in worship and preaching. One student who has played the character of Ester many times said that one thing she has decided in her life based on playing the role of Esther is, "God is good and he is there." The Connection to Word of Life will
be invaluable for future youth ministry for Richard in Germany. Word of Life makes 10 of these types of Musical camps throughout the year, plus all their regular camps and retreats throughout the year. As a Family we are planning for a full summer. The kids are still in school for a couple more weeks, and the summer begins a little later here in the Baden-W├╝rrtemberg area. During that time Richard will preach in several more places. A School weeklong retreat (July 4-7th), a couple churches, and then at English camp here in our region (August 24-September 7th). Prayer is much appreciated for those ministry times.
Support Update:
Last month we found out that a few of our monthly supporters would not be able to continue to support us. Many had committed to two years of support, and were hoping to be able to continue after that initial commitment, but were not able. As a result our mission has had to sink out monthly income to half of our regular monthly income. This as you can imagine is not a liveable existence for us. That is why we are asking all of our monthly supporters to think and pray about... 
Richard Preaching "I am the Resurrection and the Life"
1. Increasing your monthly donation by $25-$50. If all of our 55 person support team would increase their giving be $35 monthly then we would meet our monthly need by 100%. God is a mighty provider (Jehovah Jireh) and he can do this.
2. We also ask that you to think about people that you could share our ministry with. People interested in Europe or Germany. Even those who are looking for missionaries to support. Please share our information, blog, or personal support giving link HERE. We would love to connect with new people. Could you also ask these friends if you could introduce them to us. Also think about Churches and Business that also might be interested in supporting us. 
3. Another big need that is coming up in the Fall will be further language study for Richard. The cost of this class is in the neighbourhood of $3,000. If anyone is looking to make a one time gift you can do that and earmark it for "language study" for Richard HERE.
The Whole Word of Life Camp

Here is a visual of what we still lack in monthly support. We are roughly at 70% of our monthly support needs. This gives you an honest look at what we need right now. But most importantly we need your prayer that we can meet this financial deficit, and that God will continue to use us in ministry and mission here in Germany. Thank you for reading, praying, and supporting us. God bless you!