Friday, October 18, 2013

October update!


Dear friends,
it has been a while since we gave you an update. I can't believe it has been 7 weeks since we left California. It is odd to find yourselves in a mode to think that our time in San Leandro has now become past tense. Our thoughts are often over at the West Coast and we often talk about people and experiences. God has widened our horizon and given us the opportunity to expand our experience with him and our trust in his provision. I find myself often being filled with thankfulness while thinking about our journey.     

Columbia has a different flare then Oakland and we are rejoicing in the family friendly environments and the overall feeling of safety. Especially in the neighborhood we are living, we find ourselves surround by family and friends from our church and retired professors from the Seminary right around the corner. How good to see a person walking their dog and to know they are possibly on a prayer walk and are lifting up their neighborhood to our GOD. WOW.

We have found a church. Funny enough the name is 
"Riverside Community Church". God has lead us from Creekside to Riverside....haha. I'm
wondering if the next church we are going to go to will have something to do with oceans or lakes...

 (Broad River in Columbia, SC)

Ana is about to have her first IEP.

Please lift us up in your prayers for we are in need of new hope and faith every day. Today I first want to focus on our need for prayer for Ana.

We are going to meet with Psychologist, Therapist and Teachers that know her now for about 6 weeks. We are confident that her team is excellent and are very ecstatic about phenomenal teachers in her life. Since Ana has started talking a lot we are more aware of the need of regular and focused mouth/oral therapy to help her speak more clearly. Please pray for us to have the discipline to continue with the Therapy we started with Heather at the Down Syndrome Connection in Danville, CA, as well as find therapy here in Columbia that will enhance this path. We know that there is a therapist in Charleston that works with Talk Tools, but Charleston is about 2 hours away and so we could not go there on a regular basis.
We are also praying to get help with a behavioral Therapist who could guide our efforts to help Ana get potty trained. Since she is very uncomfortable with a wet or soiled diaper she continues to take them off and henceforth spill whatever is in the diaper onto her bed and/or other surroundings. She will go to the restroom by herself and when I/we ask her. She can tell us if she needs to go but it is very inconsistent and she often only realizes that she had to go potty after the fact. We are praying for a way to help her with a practical routine to continue this training and find a happy way for all of us. With 2 other children in the house my attention is often divided and Richard and I are not able to help her.

(having fun in the warm Atlantic Ocean water)

Another big prayer is the need for a job for Richard.

Since I have started working at the University and teach Tuesdays and Wednesdays all day Richard will need to stay home those days to take care of Caleb. We knew that we are not looking for a full time job for either one of us but in Richard's line of work that is a very difficult thing to find. Richard has had plenty of interested churches but most of them are unable to hire him for only 3-6 months or the pay is not compatible with the time and work he would have to invest. Please pray for comfort for Richard in time of searching as well as furthering our support raising efforts. We are praying for a part time job that pays decently and leaves enough time to raise support.

Support Raising:

In general we are trying to focus on getting to know old friends again and making new friends. That in itself is a fulltime job and with 3 kids and me working and Richard taking on odd jobs here and there we are pulled in many different directions. Our desire to get to Germany is pushing us forward but our focus gets distracted by every day life.

We very much would like to hear from you all. Please write us on this blog, who you are and how you are doing. We love to get your feed back.
Until then,
God's rich blessings!
The Moore Family