Monday, March 25, 2013

An Upward Journey

So, here we are. At the beginning of a new journey. I was told and encouraged by a good friend Kathy Greer to start blogging about what is going on in our lives and that is my plan from now on. I always wondered why people blog. Often I thought that bloggers really only think they are important and want to focus everyone's attention towards themselves. That is probably true for at least 80% of the bloggers out there. But then I started following blogs that where different. And this is how I understood them to be different. Everything they wrote was reflecting something beyond themselves. Some where blogging to shine light on a cause. In fact most of the blogs I am following are families talking about their special needs child and in so they are including and informing a community of like minded families. The blogs I personally find most uplifting are just that....uplifting....they lift our attention upwards. Upward means to me they include a loving overall power, maker, creator and savior who lives "up" in heaven, but mostly is their everyday lives. He is consistently a part of their sorrows and their joys. And that is where I can connect. That is what I want to reflect. Yes, it will be our family we are going to talk about in this blog but our family would not be our family without God and his son yes, we cannot but include him.
We believe God has made our family. He has given us 3 beautiful children. Funny, rambunctious 1 year old Caleb William (lovingly called Beebab by Ana),  beautiful, curly headed 4 year old Didi Hadassa (also called Lydia), and 6 year old Ana Katharina who God, in his wisdom, decided to give an extra chromosome.
Then there is Richard, head of our household and head of the Youth ministry department at Creekside Community Church and myself, Simone.
All of us are being called to go to Germany as Missionaries. Yes, all of us. We are one unit. Every one of us will form and guide our decisions we are going to make while preparing to leave California.
We are looking back on the path we have come and stand in awe and amazement how God has built and formed us and we are looking ahead in awe and amazement to welcome the new path and adventure he has planned for us....
Stay tuned!

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