Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Her vomit included blueberries!

Today Lydia and Caleb slept at the same time. From 12:30 to 2:30. That is very rare and I enjoyed every minute of it. Ana is at school till 2:30 and will be put on the bus to arrive home at 4:00. Around that time Richard will come home and I leave for work.
That is our routine.
Every week is the same.....but not.
On Tuesday last week Richard and I got the tragic news of the death of our friend Randy Woodell. His funeral was yesterday.
On Tuesday, after Richard left to be we his wife Gail in San Fransisco, Ana's teacher called me to pick her up since she was vomiting. She continued to vomit in my car. Her vomit included blueberries. Since she vomited unto Caleb's seat he was delighted to pick up some blueberries to eat. I was screaming, Lydia whom I had told to hold one of Caleb's hands (so he could not pick up any vomited blueberries) was screaming, Caleb was screaming.....Ana was singing: "Yes Jesus loves me...." since she was feeling much better after,
as you know,
vomiting in my car,
and was now able to continue singing along the kids music CD that was still running.....
So that's were we are....

Her vomit included blueberries! Why do I now find that funny. Almost uplifting.

It's because we can know for sure what we feed our children will be digested and sometimes it will show in what they sing or say. What we feed ourselves everyday will come forth one day in those moments we did not think we will see it again.

I know this is kind of macabre, but sometimes you have to make the best out of a bad situation. And I am thankful that only I got the stomach flu this weekend, and not Caleb, even though he did eat the blueberries. I am going to trust that even if the situation looks dark and dreary, I am uplifted by little "Yes Jesus loves me's" .

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